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Fair Trade Organic Peru Decaf Espresso


Swiss water processed Peru Decaf Espresso is roasted to perfection and has a smooth rich flavor with full body.

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14oz (400 grams), 7oz (200 grams)


  1. Dale Pollard

    Smooth, rich, strong and never, ever bitter. This is my favourite coffee in the world. The organic beans are perfect for my hyper sensitive guts. I would write a longer review, but it is time for a cup right now.

  2. Dale Pollard

    The decal espresso is smooth, rich, strong, and never, ever bitter. The organic beans are always kind to my hyper sensitive gut. A pure buzz less pleasure.

  3. Adrienne woods

    I came across this coffee while visiting Canmore for breakfast at Rocky Moutain Bagel Co. I fell in love with their decaf espresso. I had been underwhelmed with the decaf options since having to give up caffeine cold turkey. I was a big espresso drinker and was finding even Starbucks decaf just not up to snuff. One sip af an ice latte with this decaf and I was sold! I immediately googled how to get a large amount to bring home to Toronto. Now that it’s almost gone I am so happy I can order this online and enjoy an amazing latte even though my caffeine days are behind me. 10/10. Thank you Mountain Blends!

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